Awarded Grants 2018

Awarded Grants 2017

Congratulations to this year's grant winners! Here are the projects that were funded by the WEF for the 2017-18 school year:


School-wide break buckets

Jennifer Hayden & Samantha Lopez-Avila-- $756

Park Ave Elementary School

Buckets containing supplies that help students take a break during the school day as needed will be purchased, such as stress balls, theraputty, magnet boards, etc.



Linda Millet, Monica Brennan, Lynn Gingras -- $1289.95

Webster Middle School

   This device uses lenses and mirrors to project an image of the sun onto plain paper. Sixth grade science students will use them as a hands-on activity during the astronomy unit to study the rotation of the Earth.


Newport field trip

Maryann Hoenig --$1000

    Bartlett High School

   Students enrolled in the Business Program will visit Newport, RI to visit important sites, observe state representatives, and tour summer homes of famous inventors and business owners


Totem Pole Television

Van Constantine - $5250

Bartlett High School

 Camera equipment will be purchased for Journalism students to produce a television news show for Bartlett High School. The show will inform students, faculty, and Webster residents of news regarding the high school.